Holiday Bucket List

12:57 PM

Christmas time is my favorite time of the year, for one because there is so much stuff to do and so much holiday cheer!
1. Okay so I am determined to finish all 25 days of blogmas this year and not miss one day. This is something I have never done before but I am pretty prepared, but a little nervous because life doesn't stop and things come up and also finals week is coming up AHH!
2. I love making Christmas cookies it is a tradition in my house to make tons and tons of cookies and we hand them out to some of our neighbors and it's just so fun! Be on the look out for a post on this soon!
3. Right now I am obsessed with Hallmark Christmas movies, they are just so addicting and so good!
A kid I went to high school with was actually just in one and I think that is amazing and so cool and he's a really amazing person! But other than Hallmark movies I just love Christmas movies in general. Kyle and I just watch A Very Murry Christmas and I'm not sure how I felt about it but we were decorating the tree while watching it so I wanna put my full attention onto it cause I LOVE Bill Murry.
4. Wrapping presents is one of my favorite parts of Christmas I love to get creative with it and really going all out. There is also a post coming soon on how I wrap my presents and I am so excited.
5. The city, Albany New York (the capital of New York) has lights in the Washington park that are so beautiful and so fun to drive through and I didn't go last year so I am determined to go this year.
6. I love hot chocolate and add some peppermint and I am all over that. There is a mix of hot cocoa that has peppermint mixed in it but a hot chocolate with a candy cane in it is so delicious.
7. I work at a preschool and we are making a gingerbread house with the kids and I can't wait. They are only three years old and it's pretty cute and funny to watch them do activities so I am pretty excited to watch them make the gingerbread house and they will be so proud of their work. So cute!

Let me know what's on your holiday bucket list!

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  1. Gingerbread houses always turn out to be a disaster for me--for some reason I can never get the pieces to stay put! But this year I'm determined to make the cutest gingerbread house I've ever made.

    Bryn || The Wine Chronicles


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