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Fitbit blaze: The Fitbit blaze is a fitness watch that tracks your steps and how many calories you are burning off. With the new models you can now hook up your cell phone to go off of the bluetooth and revive text message notifications. This watch can come in black, purple, and blue and you can also buy other bands such as leather or pink. The battery life lasts up to 3 days and there is even more things you can do with the connected app on your phone.

Smart tech case:I love the concept of this, nothing is worse than having 5 chargers to 5 different devices and having them all tangled up in your bag is the worst. This case will help solve that problem with different compartments for all your chargers and wires. It comes in so many colors and will fit in any backpack or bag.

Bose headphones:I love the idea of wireless headphones, it makes everything easier without wires getting in the way. These are noise canceling so no sound will get in the way of listening to your music. These headphones have a long battery life and will last up to 20 hours. These headphones come with a storage case and the option of using a wire.

Ugg cooke slippers:These slippers look so comfortable, I love the dark chestnut color and the hard bottom so that you can wear these outside. These also come in a few other colors and an amazing dark blue color. These would be perfect for dad to lounge around the house on a Saturday morning. I can just imagine Kyle wearing these watching football on Sunday mornings.

Patagonia quarter zip pullover:Kyle looks so handsome in quarter zips he only has a couple now and I want to get him another one so bad. I think that quarter zips look good on anyone my father, brother, and boyfriend all have very different bodies and they all look the really good in a quarter zip sweater.

Sony play station VR:I really want to get Kyle this PlayStation VR because I really want to use this. I think it is so cool that you can feel like you’re actually in the game and really experiencing the things that are happening in the game. I really want to use one.

The last guardian: If you have a video game lover in your life, a video game is always a great gift. This one comes out in a couple of days and is only for the playstation. 

Canada goose glovesMy family and I are big skiers so a good pair of gloves is an essential need. And also living in Upstate New York some mornings you need a snow suit just to walk to your car in the morning. These gloves look so nice and warm and perfect for the cold weather that is coming.

Amazon echo: I think that this little gadget is so interesting and I think I would really use this. I think this is the perfect gift for a boyfriend or a dad so that they could get information at the snap of a finger.

Loot crate: I love my makeup monthly subscriptions and get so excited every month when it comes every month. I found this gaming themed box that comes monthly and there are different themes that you can choose from for your box. I think Kyle would really love this box.

Michael Kors smart watch: I love the idea of a smart watch and I love how they have taken on the look of a more traditional looking watch. I love this one from Michael Kors, the black color is so sleek looking. I love the different features that come with a smart watch such as text messaging and answering phone calls.

Steve Madden Dome Backpack: This backpack is taking carrying a backpack to another level. I love the trendy look of this backpack and the colors that it comes in are amazing. This is the backpack is perfect for school and the perfect size to fit a laptop.

Emergency tool: I actually got this for my dad last year and he loves it, he actually keeps it on our boat and uses it all the time for little things that need to be fixed. It’s perfect to keep in your car for emergencies or even to just have around the house as a go-to tool.

I hope this helps you with ideas to get for the men in your life, I really love the smart watches this year and how cool is that smart tech case, I think it is such a good idea and I need one for myself. I think that the perfect gift for dad is the emergency tool from brookstone. One time we were on the lake and our boat's engine had a problem and my dad fixed the whole thing with only this little tool. I was actually just in brookstone and saw that they had a similar one that was a garden tool, my grandfather would love something like this. I really tried to make this list have something for every man in your life so I hope it helps!

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  1. Such great gift ideas! Thanks for sharing this!

    - Cielo
    Mermaid in Heels

  2. My boyfriend would love some of these items, great post!


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