Gift Ideas For Grandparents

9:00 AM

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Willow tree: a set of 4 so you can mix and match the pieces

Grandparents are such an important aspect in our lives and it is so important to make sure they feel appreciated on Christmas. I love to give personalized gifts of the grandchildren or something special to them.  I love this grandparent willow tree set of 4, which is nice so you can mix and match the pieces. I also think that a family photo is an amazing idea for a Christmas present. My family did this last year for my grandparents, with all my aunts and uncles and cousins included. It was so special because it shows how we all have grown in comparison to the other family photos throughout the years. Another present that is great for grandparents is coffee mugs. One year my parents gave my grandparents a Keurig so I gave them mugs to go with it. I love themed gifts like this. When in doubt a DIY gift will always be something that is super sentimental. I picked a bunch from Pinterest that I loved.

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  1. Okay this is perfect because I never know what to get my grandparents! Love!


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