Favorite Hallmark Ornaments

7:51 AM

I love the collection of miniature ornaments that Hallmark has, these ornaments are so tiny but so cute! I have way too many, so I thought I would share some of my favorites you with guys. This year hallmark made "magic" mini ornaments, which just means that they light up, but I think it's pretty cool. The magic ones are the popcorn machine and the gingerbread house. I have an entire 4' tree with all of my mini ornaments on it and I have to say putting together this tree makes me so excited for Christmas every year! 
The honeysuckle angel one is for membership holders only but I found the link to one on amazon. This is a mini version of the first in the mary's angels series (I am very serious about my Hallmark mini ornaments😂  ).  I would have to say that my favorite this year is gingerbread one because I think it is so cool that it can light up!

Let me know what your favorite ornaments are!

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