Christmas Through The Years

2:29 PM

 Baby me!

 This was our family Christmas card of 2007 my mom and dad like to get 
creative with our cards. My little sister (in the middle) is now 14, she looks so little in this picture, she was and still is so adorable, my brother too.
 This picture was taken in Wildwood New Jersey where we went every year for the first 
15 years of my life. We also took a picture of the three of us buried in the sand with our Santa hats on which I can't find at the moment. Everyone kept walking past us telling us how good of an idea this was.
 So this Christmas card was taken in 2012 and for the people who know my sister will tell you that this picture describes us perfectly. She is a spitfire who is full of energy and craziness that also does not stop talking no matter how much you might beg her. But she is also the sweetest and caring girl (she wins awards for how nice she is.. not even kidding.) The caption of this photo was "Wishing you a silent night. 

This was last year Christmas card, we wore our ugly Christmas sweaters and look at my sister's face can you say sassy?? We already have our plan for this years card so be on the lookout for that in an upcoming post.

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