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The Holly Jolly Christmas YouTube Tag Questions:
1. Favorite Christmas Movie?
      I love all Christmas movies so it’s really hard to pick one but I love the polar express for the music. I think that movie has an amazing soundtrack and it is so catchy. I also love the movie elf because I think it is hilarious. And of course any Hallmark Christmas movie in my eyes is an amazing movie.

2. Are you on the Naughty list or the Nice list?
      I like to that that I am defiantly on the nice list. I think that Christmas is a time of giving and cherishing the loved ones around you.

3. Show us an embarrassing Christmas photo.

(Little Kelsey on Christmas morning)
I think this photo is so funny.

4. Have you ever had a White Christmas?

         I live in Upstate New York so almost all of my Christmases are white Christmases except for last Christmas it was 80 degrees here!

5. Do you start your Christmas shopping on Black Friday or wait until the last minute?
      I actually like to start before black Friday, this year I started in November when I took a trip to Vermont.

6. If you could be in any Christmas movie what would it be?
       It would have to be elf because of how funny the movie is and the light-hearted meaning behind it.

8. Name all of Santa’s reindeer.
      Blitzen, comet, cupid, donner, dasher, dancer, prancer, and vixen and Rudolph 

9. When does your family put up your Christmas tree and who decorates it?
      We usually put it up the first week of December and we decorate it as a family with Christmas music blasting through the house.

10. Is your Christmas tree real or fake?
     My family always gets a real tree

12. Peeking at gifts or be surprised?
       I love to be surprised!

13. Show us your ugly Christmas sweater if you have one.

 I actually dressed up as a Christmas tree for Halloween this year so if I went to an ugly Christmas sweater party I would probably wear that!

14. If you could be under the mistletoe with anyone who would it be?
     My Kyle!

15. Does your family have a special holiday recipe you like to help make?
      I love to help my mom make her Christmas cookies, the lemon drop ones are my favorite (post coming soon!)

16. Are you a pro-present wrapper, or do you fail miserably?
     I love to wrap presents so I like to think I’m a pro-present wrapper! (post coming soon) 

17. Have you ever gone Christmas caroling?
       I think I did when I was super little with girl scouts one time.

18. What tops your tree?
     An angel my parents got as a wedding gift.

19. Do you make New Years Resolutions? Do you stick to them?
      I do make New Years Resolutions but I don’t typically stick to them unfortunately.

20. You have been granted one Christmas wish…what will it be?
       To have an amazing 2017 and that my family and friends stay happy and healthy in the years to come.

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  1. Love the photo of you as a little kid and your ugly Christmas sweater is such a great idea haha

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  3. I love the Polar Express... haha! Great post. :)

  4. That christmas tree sweater is amazing haha great post!


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