A Guide to Black Friday Deals

8:23 AM

I want to start this post off by saying that I do not agree with the stores being open on thanksgiving day. I think that it is a terrible thing that people have to take time away from their families to work retail. There is no reason that this shopping time can't start super early in the morning. 

So now that I can step down from my soap box lets talk about some deals! Almost every store has deals that are going on the day after thanksgiving and there are some you do not want to miss. You can see my tips for black Friday shopping from last year here!

Macy's: The things I'm looking out for the most at Macy's is the clothes, I always like to get my family members a few clothing items for Christmas and you can't beat the deals at Macy's. Their clothes for women are 30- 50% off and 70% off jackets for men!

Target: Who can stay away from Target on a regular day let alone on black Friday? This year they have an amazing deal on technology items, especially their television deals. There is also a great deal on an apple watch for only $198 which saves you $80. You can also save $30 on a Fitbit Alta which would make an amazing Christmas gift!

Best Buy: If you're looking for a laptop or computer, best buy is having a deal on an intel computer where you can save $150. Also, save $30 on an amazon fire tablet. For all my bloggers out there you can save $250 on a cannon camera which would make any blogger the happiest on Christmas. 

Kohls: They have an amazing deal for every $50 you spend you receive $15 of Kohls cash. The Lauren Conrad line has an amazing deal of some accessories for only $6.99 each. Kohls also has an amazing deal on Xbox controllers which I will be keeping my eye on for Kyle.

I hope everyone has an amazing thanksgiving and then shops till they drop!

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  1. I too am a black Friday list maker shopper-thanks for the run down-and I saw that Best Buy camera sale too-omg-
    Happy Thanksgiving!


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