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7:42 AM

I don't know about you but I hate cleaning my makeup brushes and I do not do it as much as I should. But it just takes so long and to be honest it is no fun. So I found a good solution on Pinterest on how to make it a little more fun because you get to mix things (anything helps).

For this mixture, all you need is dish soap or baby wash and olive oil. The olive oil protects the brushes and doesn't strip the nutrients from the hairs. I just dipped my brushes in the dish soap and then the olive oil, I don't think it matters which you do first as long as you get both substances on the brush together.

I just used dawn dish soap and the extra virgin olive oil that we had in the kitchen. I like using this brush cleaner because it uses household items that we always have in the house.

After the mixture is put on the brush I just rubbed the brushes on a plate until the plate was covered in makeup then rinsed and repeated until the water ran clear.

Then I just laid the brushes out to dry and they will be ready to use in the morning. I really like this mixture but I did find a ton of others on Pinterest so I think I may do a different mixture the next time I clean my brushes.

These are my favorite brushes at the moment. I really like the elf brushes because they are so cheap but actually work really well. The pink and the blue brushes are from my ipsy bag subscription. The small angled eye brush frome Luxie I use to do my eyebrows with the elf eyebrow kit and it works so well.  The blue brush is also by luxie it is the tapered highlighting brush and I mainly use this brush for highlighter and sometimes blush.

Thank you so much for stopping by!

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  1. I definitely don't clean my brushes as often as I should...I will definitely try this out :)


  2. Like Emily I avoid cleaning my brushes and should clean them more often. Will try this out, thanks for the tip :) Jaz

  3. Ugh, I always go too long between cleaning mine. Sounds like a great solution.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  4. Such a helpful post girl! I love using baby shampoo to clean my brushes, this methods sounds great as well! I'm always looking for an affordable way to clean my brushes. Brush cleaners can seriously get SO expensive!

    The Daily Delicacy

  5. Hiding my face in shame reading this.....I basically never clean my brushes and it sounds so important and easy to do. Definitely need to give this a try

    Happy Friday!
    Carly at A Modern Mom Blog

  6. Great tips!! Love this post :)

  7. Really nice tip. I will definitely try this.
    thank you for sharing :)
    Sauniya | Find Your Bliss ♡

  8. Very helpful, thanks!!
    Adi xx

  9. Great post! It was so helpful. :)

  10. It takes me forever before I clean mine which sucks! hahaha I should clean more often. tho this is awesome I didnt know you can use olive oil and dawn! great idea

  11. Oh, I so needed to read this today! My brushes are way overdue for a cleaning and I have both these ingredients right now! :)
    Kate // This Side of Paradise

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  13. This was a good reminder to clean my brushes! It's been a while...

    Erin // Plaid & Pearls

  14. Full disclosure, I have totally been known to replace a brush altogether rather than cleaning them. I'm the worst! (Granted, I don't buy expensive brushes at all, but still!)


  15. I am so glad I read this post! I do have the brush cleaner from MAC but it is nice to know that ever in a pinch I can head down to my kitchen and find my olive oil and dish soap! Thank you for this great tip! And, thanks again for visiting my blog and leaving a comment! So, nice to meet you!
    xo Debbie |


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