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 This was the set up for a wedding that was held on Tuesday night, we had the perfect view from our hotel room balcony. I thought this set up was absolutley gorgeous. Right next to this was a small cocktail hour set up with a few tables. The view of the beach and all the surrounding palm trees is beautiful and perfect for a wedding. I love weddings so I really enjoyed this. if we didn't have dinner reservations that night I would have sat on out balcony and watched the entire ceremony (I hope thats not creepy! Oh well I love weddings!) 

Kyle and I enjoyed the shade under the pier on one of our long walks along the beach.

 Even at night the views are still so pretty!

Today my family and I leave our summer 2016 family vacation. We had a great time and we are all very sad to be leaving and jumping back into reality as soon as Monday hits. South Carolina is a beautiful state and well worth the 13-hour drive from New York. The beaches are so clean and everyone is so nice down here I could so see myself living here if I didn't love New York so much. 

We stayed at the breakers resort for the first time this year, and it was gorgeous. We usually stay at a different hotel here but due to my little sister's cheer tryouts we had to push our vacation back a few days and our other hotel was not available for these dates. But it all worked out because the breakers resort is so nice. I loved the view from our hotel room it looked like we were on a cruise ship because all you could see was water. My mother's favorite part was the washer and dryer in the room!

We ate so much good food and had such a great time relaxing!

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  1. Nice pics !

  2. Wow! amazing photos!

  3. so beautiful ! Nice post :)

  4. the beach looks so pretty! sounds like a blast!

  5. Beautiful vacation and love the photos :)

    -Lily Kanaya


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