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1:27 PM

Happy Monday everyone I've had a super busy weekend and jumping back in to the routine of the week is super hard sometimes, and this is one of those times. But during the week I found some links to some things that I loved and wanted to share.

1. The cost of  Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher's wedding bands.
I love this because I think it shows how down to earth they are and how love is love. You don't
 need to spend endless amounts of money just to show someone you love them and I think this is
 such a good example of that.

2. These puppies
How cute are these puppies?! No matter how big or small a dog is I will always call them a puppy.
Just so cute!

3. Off the shoulder shirts which is did a blog post on here
Check out this blog post I did on an off the shoulder shirt I am loving lately, it is my new
 favorite clothing item right now and they are so on trend.

4. Jimmy Kimmel's Democrat Vs. Republican Video
This summer I have been working in politics during my internship and with this election coming up I just found this to be super funny.

5. Everyone is talking about this and for good reason, because this is the most exciting news in television entertainment we have all gotten in awhile. The Gilmore girls reunion. Coming out on Netflix on November 25, this four part event has everyone so excited including me!

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