Lake Days

10:19 AM

I love looking through the little shops in town, the little boutiques are so cute and filled with cute clothes and accessories. 
This chair was so big it even made Kyle look small. 
This is a beautiful hotel on the lake and it's also my dream wedding venu. My mom, my sister and I sometimes go and have tea and finger sandwiches, which are delicious. 
Going to the lake is my favorite thing to do in the summer. We are lucky enough to have a boat on a beautiful lake where we spend most of our weekends. On Wednesday we took a day trip to the boat and the to a small town located on the lake. Our favorite candy shop is there which is where the huge chair is. It's so nice to spend quality family time doing things we love the most. 





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  1. What a beautiful lake!! Lovely pictures :)

    xo Raina


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