Drapey Shorts

10:41 AM

It has been crazy at work which is the explaination as to why I have been missing so much. 
But being in work clothes all week for hours and hours is fun to a point,
So I am very excited to have this outfit to look forward to this weekend. 
These shorts are so loose which makes them sooo comfortable. I love casual but
cute outfits to wear on the weekends and this one is at the top of my list.

Works been really tough this week, the interns have been staying till almost 7 
every night which doesn't seem late but it's been pretty tiring because there is so
Much to do. It's a good feeling though knowing there are plans for the weekend and fun times 
to be had. This weekend we are all headed back up to the lake, this outfit will definitely be 
My boat outfit! 

It's hump day we can do this and get through the week! 

Old Navy: Tank top // Hollister: Drapey shorts // Similar: flip flops 
Mantraband: Bracelet 1 / Bracelet 2 // Dogearred: pearl of love necklace

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