Summer Concert Essentials

12:14 PM

This past weekend my family and I went to a concert to see the Dixie Chicks, which was a very special concert for me because they have been probably my favorite girl group forever. When I was five my mom, grandmother, and aunts all brought me to a Dixie Chicks concert, so to be back there with not only them but my little sister and cousin it was something really special. So to make the night even more perfect then it was I felt as though this small list of things definitely helped.

Sport Sunscreen: Even though the concert is at night when you first get there it is usually still really sunny. This always comes in handy when tailgating. 
Travel Fine Fragrance Mist: It's always a good idea to have a spray with you. Always.
NEELY CAT EYE SUNGLASSES: I have the most sensitive eyes ever so I always have sunglasses with me.
Money: The drinks and food inside concerts are usually so expensive but sometimes its a dire need, so I always make sure to have some money on me.
Hair Ties: After all that dancing and singing a hair tie will feel like the best thing in the world.
Lilly Pulitzer Lightning (8-pin) Mobile Charger: This item is probably the most important item in the bag. There is nothing worse than having a dead phone which, means not being able to find your ride or call a taxi which is the worst.
Faux-Leather Tassel Saddle Purse: I love this cute purse and it's a little less expensive which makes it nice for a concert setting. 

Here are some pictures from the concert!

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