Workbag Essentials

10:15 AM

Hello friends, since internships are starting soon, or have started, or if you are continuing with your work for the summer it's always important to have the workbag essentials with you to have a successful day. These are some small things that I find make my day go by so much easier. 

The top three products that I have to have are, the loose powder, the chewy bar, and eos lip balm. I like to keep a cheep powder to use as a touch up everyday and this one by elf cosmetics is only 3.00 and its actually really good quality. I also love the chewy bars which are a perfect little snack to satisfy even a chocolate craving, and the eos lip balms are my favorite because they don't leave my lips overly oily. But I think everything in my bag has a purpose to it. 

Let me know what you keep in your workbag!

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