To the Most Important Woman In My Life

4:19 PM

Since Mothers day is this weekend I thought it would be a good idea to introduce the number one most important person in my life. This is Heidi and she is my superwomen of a mom. My mom is my best friend, we do pretty much anything and everything together, she is my number one confidant, knowing all of my secrets, and knowing me better than I know myself most of the time. My mom is the most caring person you could meet. Whether it's through her work that she does with the children at her job, through raising my siblings and I, or through her bubbly way of looking at life. 

The two of us always joke that we must look friendly because wherever we are someone will come up to us and either ask us a question or just strike up a conversation in the aisle of the grocery store, or at the cash register in a clothing store. Maybe it is because we look friendly, or it's because, wherever we are my mom is always trying to make the day more enjoyable, or that my mom's joyous energy is really contagious and it rubs off on everyone she meets. 

Growing up my mom was always reasonable with us in her parenting, we pretty much could do whatever we wanted as long as she knew where we were, who was going, etc. She could be stern, but she always had a reason behind why we were getting in trouble or why we couldn't do a certain thing. Now that I am older and can look back I understand her parenting skills and why she did or said some of the things she does, and I thank her for that because through the stern voices, but also the giggles and the laughs she has made me the person that I am and will continue to be. I hope to be half the mom that my mom is with my kids some day.

Happy Mothers Day mom. I love you. 

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