Spring Wish List

11:16 AM

Not a perfume - Juliette Has a Gun: This month I received a sample of this perfume in my ipsy bag and fell in love with the smell. This perfume only has two or three ingredients and is super hypoallergenic which is great for me because my skin is super sensitive.

Vera Bradley Stripped Tote: I love this and was thinking about getting my mom a beach bag for mothers day, but I have a couple of other ideas for her. Anything that is blue and white stripes I am a fan of. This tote is so nautical I could definitely use this on the boat or on our family vacation trip to Myrtle Beach.  

Fitbit Blaze: I have been researching this product for a while now and I think I really want one. It would be a perfect birthday present from kyle (hint hint). I love to track my steps on my phone but my phone isn't in my hand the whole day, and it's a bonus that you can receive your text messages and phone calls on it as well.

Wide-Brim Straw Fedora: This hat would look so cute with a beach cover-up, sandals, and a sunny day on the boat or the beach. 

'Le Pliage' Backpack: I have been looking into this backpack for a little bit now and i'm begining to love it more and more. I think its so convenient to have for trips and long days of shopping. 

SOLE SEAURCHIN SANDAL: These Lilly Pulitzer sandals so so cute I am obbsessed! They are a little pricy but they are so worth it!

Let me know in the comments if you guys have any of these items and if they are worth it!

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