Valentines day cards

12:48 PM

I love Hallmark cards especially at valentines day, everything is pink and red and love is in the air. I love the act of giving a little piece of love to someone you care about the most. Hallmark really helps you get what you want to say out there in some of the most romantic ways. (I could be partial to hallmark since I worked there for three years)

Another alternative is to make a homemade card. Kyle and I always make cards for every occasion that you would give a card. Which is ironic because I worked in a card store but that is besides the point. Homemade cards are so cute because its so funny to see how kyle shows his emotion and when he writes or how he decorates his cards, its a really meaning full thing to me and him. 

All of these cards don't have to be for a lover than can be for friends too! I spent many valenitnes day's alone and had so much fun making valentines cards for all my friends!

Happy valenitines day lovers!

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