Favorite Skin Care Products

9:26 PM

My skin does not do well with the winter with the cold weather, it tends to get really dry and itch much like a lot of other people's this time of year. I have come up with a few products that work really well for me to keep my skin healthy and hydrated. 

My skin is really sensitive to a ton of products so when I find ones I like I tend to stick with those until I come up with enough courage or find one worth trying. One product that tops my list would have to be the Neutragena face wash, this was recommend by my dermatologist and it has been my go to for a couple of years now. Another face product I love it the hey honey peel off face mask. It leaves your skin soft and rejuvenate and it's a peel off and I think those are so fun! My favorite product to get rid of those annoying pop up pimples is the clean and clear spot treatment. This is my holy grail product I have used this product for years and I don't think I'll ever get over it. 

My legs will get so itchy in the winter that it keeps me up at night, so to help reduce the pain i use a couple products in the shower to prep my skin for bed. The first product is the olay body wash, this body wash is so moisturizing and leaves your skin feeling so soft, and it smells so good which is a bonus. The second product I use is the jergens  wet skin moisturizer, once you are all done with your shower and before you dry your body off you apply this lotion all over your body and it rubs right in, doesn't leave you hands feeling greasy and also smells delicious. And if all of that isn't moisturizing enough I also love the Avenno daily moisturizing lotion I keep this on my bedside table for when my skin starts to act up and it does wonders. 

Let me know what some of your favorite products are! 

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