Valentines Day Insperation

7:38 PM

There are so many cute things that relate to Valentines Day that are so cute! I think that the act of love should be shown everyday, but I do think it is so cute to celebrate love on this day. There are so many DIY's that you can do, and I love any excuse to dress up in red or pink for the night.

This is one of my favorite Valentines Day Diy's it is so simple and you only need a few things to complete this project.

Things needed:
- red construction paper
- a doily
- Ribbon or string
- a mason jar
- a t-light

Last year I spent Valentines day in Canada which was amazing, this year I'm not so lucky, but Kyle and I will make the most of it with a nice dinner and maybe a movie. I love little date nights like that, those mean more to me than big extravagant dates.

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