My Pick From The Lilly Sale

3:12 PM

As most of you know the Lily Pulitzer sale that only happens twice a year (once in august and once in January) happened this past Monday. I only picked one golden item this sale due to the fact that christmas made me bankrupt and also because very soon I will need to buy books for the semester. 

This sale I bought these cropped pants i've wanted these for awhile and I was so excited to see them on sale. I was literally freaking out the night before hoping that they would be included in the sale.

I put together how I plan to style these pants. I'll probably do an outfit post once they get in because i'm so excited, but here is the outfit set up for now:

Nordstrom: Shirt / Lilly Pulitzer: Weekender cropped pants / Nike: Sneakers
S'well: Water Bottle / Fitbit: Wristband / Amazon: Earbuds / Ray Bans: Sunglasses

I'm in love with this look and can't wait to fulfill my new years resolution of taking care of myself and working out, by putting these pants to use!

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