How I Style My Hair

3:48 PM

Recently I cut my hair short and I love it, but that means that I have had to change how I style my hair in the morning. When I had the longer hair I didn't do much to it, but my short hair looks so much better when you style it.

TRESemme and bumble and bumble are my two favorite brands for hair care. I don't really use
anything else besides these two brands because they work so well with my hair.

TRESemme Volumizing Mousse: This I use when my hair is damp or wet and apply it to my roots, this way I get more body when I blow dry my hair. 

Bb Thickening Hairspray: I love this spray, it makes the hold in my hair stay longer and to get it to curl under easier.

TRESemme Hairspray: I always just put a little hairspray in to make it stay all throughout the day.

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