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Happy Holidays everyone! I am so excited to finally start my gift guides and holiday blog posts, I hope everyone had a nice thanksgiving and is ready to jump in to the busy holiday season. I know I am I already got a good start on black Friday but, the deals don't stop there, there are so many more deals to come all throughout the season.

So I came up with this list based on the things that my dad, brother, and Kyle (my boyfriend) all enjoy. They are all a little different in style and personality so it worked really well to come up with some ideas that are could work for any man in your life. 


1. Cabin Socks: My brother is obsessed with these socks, he can't get enough of them, and he has got me addicted as well, they are infused with aloe that soothes aching muscles. These socks are perfect for the colder weather that is soon to come and make the perfect gift for any guy. They are also available for women so its like a bonus. ( $12)

2. Nike Sneakers: You can never go wrong with a pair of Nike shoes. I really like the black and white colors because they will go with everything and guys literally always either need shoes or secretly want them. Nike has so many styles and colors to choose from its prefect for any guy. ($150)

3. Ipad mini: I bought Kyle an Ipad mini for our anniversary and I thought he almost cried when he opened it. He was so excited and its the gift that keeps giving, he never puts the thing down. I can now get him accessories for it, and cases. I love when gifts open up ideas for new gifts to go along with the big gift. I'll never forget his face when he opened it, it was priceless. ($199)

4. Battlefront video game: Star wars is crazy big this year due to the new movie coming out later on this year. My brother, Kyle and my Dad are all excited to play this game, and are all expecting it for Christmas this year! ($59)

5. Murry Button down: Vineyard vines button downs are such good gifts because any guy likes them. These are a little on the pricey side, so many times guys won't buy them for themselves which, makes them the perfect gift. ($98)

6. Luxuries Cologne Sampler: I love love love this concept for a gift, this is a cologne sampler from sephora for 65$. How it works is you buy this case and inside is 15 samples of popular men's cologne, these samples are like the free sizes they give away behind the fragrance counters. Along with the 15 samples is a free voucher that the guy can then bring in to the store and get a full size bottle of their favorite of the samples within. Perfect gift for a guy who is unsure about what he wants! ($65)

7. Dollar shave club: This is a monthly membership box for men which includes razors that are good quality and cheaper than the ones in the drug store. There are 3 different razor options to choose from depending on how much a guy needs or wants in a razor. ($1, $6, or $9)

8. Ralph Lauren Wallet: Men's wallets always get destroyed, I'm not sure how easily it happens but, it happens. Men can always use a new wallet and polo ones seem to hold up pretty well. The bi fold style is really popular among men. ($185)

9. Fossil Watch:  Last year for Christmas I bought Kyle a fossil watch very similar to this one and he loved it. Fossil watches are my favorite type of watches, they're so classy and a nice quality watch. I like fossil because they have so many to choose from for any guy in your life. ($175)

10. 10-in-1 Multi-tool: I just purchased one of these from brook stone and I'm so excited to give it as a gift. Its pretty cool and fun to play with, I wouldn't mind one for myself! This is a perfect thing for the handy man in your life. ($24)

11. L.L Bean slippers: Kyle has a pair of these and he lives in them. They come in three different colors, Kyle has the brown color. These are perfect shoes to walk around campus or lounge in. Ky says they are like wearing slippers everywhere. ($69)

12. BB-8: Like I said about the battle front game star wars is huge this year and so is this cute little guy. This BB-8 is guided with your smart phone, listens and responds to your voice, shows holographic messages, and a lot more. This thing is so cute and cool I think I want one! ($149)

13. Beat Headphones: For any music lover or for any guy who loves to go to the gym this is a good gift! These earphones come in blue, red, gold, pink, and purple. ($62)

14. wood Iphone case: These wooden Iphone cases are so cool and classy for any man. These are hand made in Indiana, lined with suede, and all cases are made from real wood. ($89)

15. Bose Speakers: This is a perfect gift for a college guy. Kyle and his housemates are constantly playing music in their house on their big speakers, but this is small and portable and has a really nice sound. It's convenient for any guy cause they can take it with them wherever. ($129)

16. Scarf: I like to get a couple of small things for Kyle along with his big gift so cute things like this scarf are good cheaper things to get so he has more to unwrap. And where he goes to school is really cold so he could really use one of these. ($14)

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