Black Friday Shopping Tips

8:54 PM

1. Wear a comfortable outfit. 

2. Be prepared with apps 
Such as these apps... Black Friday 2015 and shopular coupons. These are good tools to have while shopping because, they both have all of the ads for all the stores downloaded on to them and they each have coupons to use. It's a lot easier to scroll through your app that rummage through a bunch of cut up papers, and this way you won't forget any! Another tip is to have the coupons ready to keep the pace fast so you can get to your next destination quicker! 

3. Stick to your budget

  All of the deals can be a lot to handle, and can get pretty exciting. Black Friday is really easy to impulse buy just because it's a good deal but, if you don't need it leave it. I try to get as many gifts as I can for my family members so sticking to a budget is key. I like to know how much l plan on spending and stick to that, that way you don't over spend on one person. 

4. Don't forget cyber Monday! 
Cyber Monday is great for a couple of reason. If you are not one who likes the rush and the busy crowds cyber Monday is a great way to still get the deals in the comfort of your own home while lounging on the couch in your pajamas. Another reason cyber Monday is great is cause if you miss a deal or what you wanted to purchase didn't have a deal than you can look and hopefully purchase it online on Monday! 

5. Have fun 
In the end these are just things and your life will not end if you do not get that tv. So have fun shopping and stay safe! 

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