Mary Poppins and other halloween ideas!

4:18 PM

I can't believe it is Halloween this weekend, with it being so close I threw together a Mary Poppins costume. As I was scrolling through Pintrest there were so many cute Mary Poppins costumes so it got me inspired to make my own version.

All this outfit needs is a black skirt, a white button up shirt, and a red bow tie. The umbrella is a cute touch! I made this bow tie out of a plain red bandanna and a safety pin, it was a lot simpler than I thought it was going to be.

 You can also add a black hat, and a duffel bag for a more authentic look. There are so many diy's on pintrest to add flowers to a hat for a real looking Mary Poppins hat.

Here are some other cute costumes from Pintrest that I loved:

        Gum ball machine                                     Pineapple                                          popcorn

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