Lilly Pulitzer Annabelle Shift

2:03 PM

Outfit: Lilly Pulitzer dress (same style different print) / Kate Spade bangle (similar) / 
Tiffany charm bracelet / Dogeared necklace

I feel like it has been a year and a day since I ordered my sale Lilly dress. Now that it is finally here I couldn't just let it sit in my closet until next summer. So since today the temperature hit the high 90's I thought it would be the perfect outfit for the end of summer.

When I saw this dress on sale I knew I had to have it. I have been obsessed with it ever since I saw it. So when I saw it went on sale I knew I had to jump at the opportunity to purchase it. I have to say it is the best purchase I have made in a white. I am totally in love with this Annabelle shift. I might even have to purchase it in the new print sunshine yellow sea and be seen. 

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  1. This dress looks amazing on you! Love your blog Kelsey!



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