My Lilly Pulitzer after party sale picks!

11:30 AM


It's the best time of the year, when Lilly Pulitzer has a huge sale with amazing deals for 2 days only!
Monday morning I was up at 7am (nothing but Lilly can get me up before 9am on a summer morning) to get my spot in the virtual line. When the virtual doors opened at 8am there were about 58,000 people in front of me. Finally after an hour and a half of waiting I was IN! I went crazy I picked out my items and looked through the 55 pages of Lilly more than 100 times. My mom who was sitting next to me said I was being a little ridiculous..... It's Lilly mom it is far from ridiculous.

Let me just say that when I saw this Annabelle shift dress on sale I knew right away that I had to get it. On Saturday I went in to my local Lilly store and one of the girls who worked there had this dress on and I just thought it was the cutest, and I was looking for it in the store but it was out of my price range that day. So you can't even imagine my excitement when I saw it on sale for only 89$. 

This Britton short sleeve Henley dress in the print resort white hot wings is so cute and comfy it caught my eye and for only 44$ made it even better. This dress is also available in the print shorely big blue flirt.

Another successful Lilly sale, what were your favorite items from the sale?

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