Back to school: School hacks

4:01 PM

Going back to school is usually one of the most stressful times of the year, at least for me it is.
Over the years I have come up with some "hacks" to help the first few weeks and the rest of the year go a little more smoothly. These are some of the hacks that defiantly have helped me throughout the years.

1. Make your schedule as your screen savor - This little tip will be a life savor the first couple of days of school. This way you won't have to dig through your back pack to find a crumbled piece of paper to find out where to go. There are apps such as "pocket schedule-class schedule" or you could write out your schedule and take a picture like the way I did.

2. Color code your supplies - Color coding your supplies was mandatory where I went to high school, and when I got on my own in college I can see why it was mandatory. Having a pink folder and a pink notebook for the same class, makes things easier to pull out of your bag when class is starting.

3. Morning shortcuts - Eating a quick and easy breakfast throughout the day will make you feel more energized and more willing to learn throughout the day. Some of the things I eat in the mornings to keep me going are strawberries, mango, fried eggs, yogurt , and apple slices with peanut butter.

I hope this hacks help you have a great school year!

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