Birthday Wish List

3:01 PM

I'm a June baby! My birthday is June 23rd and this year I will be 20!
These are just some ideas of what I want for my birthday.
I don't expect to receive everything on this list,
but I like to be suprised, so giving a list
is a good way to give ideas to
the people you love!

Lilly pulitzer scented glass candle - The resort white she she shells is one of my favorite prints and I love candles so two of my favorite things in one couldn't get better!
Kate spade bow tie phone case - I'm in need of a new phone case and when I saw the three pink bows on this phone case I fell in love!
tied and true love knot dogeared ring - I love how simple this ring is and also the meaning behind the whole dogeared collection!
ray band aviator sunglasses - These aviator sunglasses are so cute! I love the pink lenses! 
walk on air Kate Spade perfume - The smell of the new Kate spade perfume is now one of my new favorite scents. I love it so much!
Naked 2 basics pallete - My naked 2 pallete is my favorite eyeshadow, so the basics naked 2 palette would be perfect for travel 
Kate Spade wallet - I love the bow with the black and white colors! It will go with a ton of my purses.
Jack Rodgers sandals - I have been wanting a pair of these sandals for the longest time I think they're so cute and casual, but can be fancy also!

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