My bad date story!

2:00 PM

       I'm currently in a relationship that I am so happy in, but before my boyfriend and I started dating I was on the hunt to find what i wanted. After a long await I finally got what I wanted, but there were definitely a couple of frogs before I met my prince.
       I met this guy at a party and we exchanged numbers, I thought he was kinda cute but I wasn't head over heals. So later that weekend he asked me to go to the movies, but before we went he told me he was getting me an Alex and Ani bracelet and flowers. I thought it was sweet but kind of weird because we LITERALLY JUST MET! 
  We made plans to meet at one of our malls in town but never really specified, so when I got there he was in the back parking lot in the darkest area around no other cars.
       I almost turned around and went home but he already saw me. 
I got out of the car and instantly got hit with a strong smell of way to much Cologne 
Once we finally got in the movie theater things got freaky. The entire movie he had his arm around me staring at me like he wanted to make out.. which wasn't going to happen. 
I should probably mention that we were watching FROZEN  because I wanted to see it (he was not too thrilled)
Once the movie was over we walked back out to our cars, I unlocked mine to put my purse in the car, as I was doing this he got in my back seat. 
At this point I wanted to get away from this kid for multiple reasons. one because he would not stop talking through out the entire movie which I think is rude, second he asked for money, third when we did kiss his teeth poked me in the lip because they stuck out so straight, and he came from hockey practice and told me HE DIDN'T SHOWER BEFORE. Which explains the Cologne stink. 
So now we are sitting in the back of my car making out and I would rather be at the dentist at this point. I needed a way out but didn't know how. 
Then a miracle happened and my mother texted me. 
I told him my mom needed me to come home right away.
He asked why and I couldn't think of a reason so I just blurted out that my sister got her period for the first time. 
(which didn't happen at the time)
When we got out of the car he handed me the flowers which were pink carnations. 
I drove away thankful to be out of there and never texted the kid back again.
The end!

Tell me any bad date stories you guys have I would love to hear them!


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