Organizing with Lilly!

12:33 PM

My Lilly pulitzer planner is something I often take to seriously sometimes.
This little book is always with me and I write my life in it! 
I used the month of april (even though its only march!) to show you in a neater way how I use 
my planner!

Its no longer sold on the Lilly pulitzer website but you can find it Here on amazon in jellies be jamming! 

I color code my planner and each color has a diffrent meaning. 
Red - school
Blue - work
Pink - fun activities like lunches and babysitting
Green - appointments  

If i put arrows at the top of the box then that means something is continuous for a couple of days
such as dog watching or babysitting!

In the weekly section i usually don't color code that part.
In that section it is usually filled with to do lists and homework assignments
and sticky notes with more to do lists 
cause apparently i've got a lot to do.
or maybe I just like making lists.
yeah... its the lists... I love it.

I love my Lilly planner, they're a little more expensive than I would like,
but personally I think it is worth it.

Hope you all love your Lilly planners if you have them!


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