Niagara Falls trip!

5:09 PM

Niagara Falls is a beautiful place where I have made so many memories. This is a great place for a family vacation or trip with some friends.
For three days myself and 20 other friends including my boyfriend explored some of the sites of Canada.

The first night we went out to club seven. 
I wore a shear shirt with an open back and a pink bandeau with a pair of jeans and nude heals.

 The second day we were out to a bar and I got an exploding rocket which was raspberry vodka and juices.

The second day the girls went wine tasting at a gorgeous vineyard.
It was a fun thing to do just the girls and the wine was delicious.
I purchased a bottle of Chardonnay musquè. 

That night Kyle and I went to dinner just the two of us to the rainforest cafe. 
It was delicious I ordered fettuccine Alfredo with chicken it was so good its making me hungry for it now as I type! 

To end the day and mostly the trip we went to dragonfly night club where Brody Jenner hosted a party the night before (which we almost went to but for some reason didn't go. sad face.) 



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