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It has now dropped to the negatives up here in New York and with some other very sad personal things going on I needed to keep my mind busy. So I started a project that took a lot longer than I was expecting but it was well worth it. Four hours of cleaning and a target trip I finally deep cleaned and organized my bathroom. My bath room is a half-bath and has no storage, the bigger bathroom is upstairs with all the storage. With out having built-in storage and a low-budget you need to get a little creative with where you store all of your products. Before cleaning out my bathroom I never realized how much stuff I had and how much stuff was just thrown in makeup bags or boxes. So here is how I made things more organized and accessible. Here are the before pictures. The brown shelf unit gets really unorganized and chaotic.

 The hair tools on the bottom would always fall off on to the floor and the cords would become unrolled and it always looked careless. There are also a couple of makeup bags which held extra makeup products. The middle shelve had a basket that was filled with things I never used but just threw in there as a way to get them out of my way. Also this shelve had a large makeup bag which is filled with all the products that I have received for my ipsy boxes over the months. There was also another smaller makeup bag in the back which contained travel items such as shampoo conditioner and toothpaste. The top shelve held my makeup bag which has all of my everyday makeup products. Also a glass container with all my makeup brushes. Usually my contact case or glasses would be on top as well. To make things more organized I picked these up at target to give the shelves a cleaner look. 

I really liked these ones because of the neutral color, and the sturdiness of them as well. Next I began to fill the boxes which was a little tricky because I didn’t want to clutter them up so in the first box I put… 
The first box in the middle shelve holds my essentials like my hair spray, face washes, make up wipes, medicine, brushes, and other things I usually use on a daily basis.  
The box that goes on the bottom shelve holds all my hair tools that used to go everywhere. It also hold a couple of bags of extra makeup that I don’t use everyday but every now and then I will use. 

The top didn’t change much I just pushed the brushes back and kept it really simple and not too much clutter. The whole finished project looked really clean and more organized…
I also did a couple other things around my bathroom to make it look more attractive. such as… 
I love to reuse my candle jars after I have burned the entire candle. This candle was a 3 layered Yankee candle after all the layers were burned down I stuck it in the freezer for about 2 1/2 hours. After that I took a butter knife and stuck it in a crack that had formed in the freezer, the wax just pops out. The sticker is really easy to pull off and then just wash it and it is perfect to reuse for anything. For this one I added a few clear decoration stones and put my toothbrushes inside. I also have the bath and body works foam soap which I am obsessed with. 

The last little touch I added was the room spray and matching body lotion. I also added one of the small candles, all these products are from bath and body works.
Those are just a couple of ways to organize and make your bathroom look a little more presentable.

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