Keepsake Mac palette

4:48 PM

I LOVE Mac products so when I got this Mac palette from my loving mother for christmas I couldn’t wait to use it! This palette is lined with pearls and with the black and white color scheme it makes you feel classy and elegant even before you put your make up on.

These 8 shades make the perfect smokey eye for a night out, or can be used in an everyday look. On the top from the left the names of these gorgeous mac colors are Fancy dress this color is a little too light but will be good to highlight the inner corner of your eye. The next color is kid which is a perfect crease color and is very similar to the color tease in the naked 2 pallet. The next color is honey lust, I like this color as a base color. The last color for this line is satin taupe this is a color I would use as a base but it is more of a night time base to make a nice smokey eye. The color on the first line of the second row is forgery, now for myself i’m not really in to silver eyes it doesn’t really look good on me but I will use this for a smokey look on new year or a fancy night out. The next color is divine rule I love this color for a day time base, it’s not too dark but dark enough to notice. Perfect for an everyday look. The next color is noble spirit, this color is extremely dark which would be perfect for a night-time smokey eye. The last color is carbon which is just a strong pigmented black eyeshadow.

I love all of these colors and think I will get a ton of use out of it! Tell me what you think or if you have any mac palettes that you love!
39.50 from Mac cosmetics


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